Choosing Perfect Carpets For Your Hotel!

Carpeting plays a crucial role in hotel décor as carpets and rugs are used extensively in this place. As hotels are prone to be in the personal contact of individuals for the direct customer dealing, it is imperative to pay a special attention on its indoor and outdoor décor. So, when a hotel interior decorator starts on hotel interior, the first thing he pays attention to is to choose hotel carpets and rugs. If you too look for high quality carpets for your hotel, then Genie Carpet Manufacturer can be the best carpeting partner for you. Being one of the most prestigious hotel carpet manufacturers in India, this place will justify with all your carpeting needs and expectations. Now, let’s talk about various factors to consider before choosing the best carpets for your hotel.

Choose Hotel Carpets After Identifying Your Exact Requirements –

The most important thing to choose ideal carpets for your hotel is to be very clear with your exact needs and what your actual expectations are. If you look for a carpet that lasts long and especially for a public dealing area in hotel like reception or lounge, then go for a hand tufted one. However, for bedrooms, you should not choose a carpet having resemblance of an axminster and at that situation, hand tufted low cost carpets can prove the best deal for you. While buying carpeting, the thumb rule is to choose the hand tufted to use in high-wear sections or a place where you seek a thorough design flexibility.

Though some hoteliers seek to stay with the similar performance and quality of axminster for bedrooms, then they can go with a  hand tufted rug and carpet because bedrooms are areas with low-wear intensity.

Choosing Hotel Carpets For Public Areas Like Receptions & Lounge –

As the hand tufted rugs and carpets have a quite hard-wearing construction, they are the best choice for all busy or public areas. As in these areas, wear is the main concern, it is mandatory to choose product with high quality and capability to handle the busy crowd of this place. While choosing carpet for these areas, your occupancy rates and many other factors play their role as the entrance carpeting and outside environment can also put a certain impact on your hotel carpets. Hence, always consider these elements while choosing carpets for hotels from any hotel carpet manufacturers in India.

Carpets For Stairs & Corridors –

The time a customer enters these areas, the soles of the shoes are usually bereft of grit or dirt; however, it does not mean that they are not place that might experience intense-wear. In reality, due to more focused traffic lane, these areas can usually display the symptoms of freely wear, in case of soiling from outdoor environment. Due to such incidents, corridors and stairs require special thought while deciding a perfect carpeting for these areas in hotel.

At this point, the most notable thing is to focus on dirt hiding factor in which pattern plays the greatest role. Though the narrow corridors with less features of the area that runs with a single wall-to-wall pattern would look unattractive. So, go for carpets that have design and features like outfill or infill configurations or bordered panels as they reduce this kind of issue and can prove the best option for these hotel areas.

There are so many other important aspects of hotels in which carpeting needs special consideration. To learn those aspects read the 2nd part of this article.