Choosing Perfect Carpets For Your Hotel – Part 2!

Further to our guide for choosing perfect carpets for a hotel from a reputed hotel carpet manufacturer India, now, let’s talk about remaining areas of hotel where carpet selection should be done precisely.

So, when choosing a carpet for hotels, design selection should be done very carefully. Here, your key concern should be on hiding the dirt and in that case, pattern of a carpet plays a great role. However, the narrow corridor width and less space features may prove a big challenge on choosing a right hotel carpet for these areas. Sometimes, it just looks odd and uninteresting. So, always go with carpets having design features like infill-outfill configurations, bordered panels etc. In addition, take help of an expert hotel carpet manufacturers India can also prove a great contributor. Choosing a right hotel carpet manufacturer India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers, you will get assistance of expert team who guide you about the quality of carpets and what fits the best to your hotel.

Discussing Carpet Selection For Hotel Bedrooms –

When it comes to choose right carpets for hotel bedrooms, you must find appropriateness in hand tufted carpets as they can withstand in that surrounding in a perfect manner. Due to lighter traffic volume in guest bedrooms, they fit to these rooms ideally. In this selection, you can also go with hand knotted indo nepali rugs  as these rugs have very elegant look and looks very pleasant to eyes . These carpets are easy to clean and require less maintenance. In addition, hand tufted carpets are also a great bet for guest bedrooms. Though here you must remember to use same fabric of carpets in each room because there you can go with similar cleaning technique for carpets. This way, these carpets will be appealing for cleaning department and retain less damage risk with rigid treatment.

Although, hand tufted carpets and rugs are the best carpeting solutions for guest bedrooms in hotels, but there is also a limitation as they have an ability to copy intricate pattern. However, with hotel carpets, this is a rare consequence because here bold carpet patterns give additional brash over environment and appear far from others. Talking about hand tufted carpets, they usually appear to be a simpler choice with geometric and linear styles. Luckily, they are ideal solution to bring in soil-hiding power and adding patterns. As said earlier, sharing the colour of base with a corridor rug and carpet in hotel, you can maintain the sense of easy flow in a surrounding.

So, these are some major concerns related to hotel carpeting that one must look into before setting off for buying hotel carpets from one of the reliable hotel carpet manufacturers India. This guide presents information on each area of hotel where carpeting is required; hence, consider this information and make the best of your carpet buying opportunity.

In addition, buy carpets for your hotel from Genie Carpet Manufacturer in India is a way to smoothen your shopping for rugs and carpets.