Functional Tips to Smartly Avoid Wear And Tear on Rugs & Carpets!

As rugs and carpets feature several benefits, people from all over the world love to use them in their home. Carpets created and exported by rugs and carpets manufacturers exporters India are demanded by hundreds of home makers worldwide. The reason for this growing popularity of these items is because, they add beauty and comfort in a place and that is not possible by most of the household items.

Although, the carpets made by rugs and carpets manufacturers exporters India boast of great functionality and usage, yet, it brings in a hectic chore of maintenance. There are numerous home makers who find keeping rugs and carpets neat and clean a daunting task and if you too believe the same way, then we introduce some functional tips to smartly avoid wear and tear on rugs and carpets.

These tips are quite easy to implement, but give greatly amazing results. So, once you choose reliable rugs and carpets manufacturers exporters India and buy any of your favourite rugs and carpets, you must note down and prepare yourself for its maintenance with these handy tips.

Helpful Pointers To Remember To Avoid Wear and Tear Of Your Rugs & Carpets –

  • For better aesthetic quality of rugs and carpets, we suggest you to keep them rotating for minimum 4 times in a year. This method distributes the carpet wear from one place to another.
  • Keep your carpets and rugs to one corner of a room. Keeping carpets in an area of high traffic or crowd can lead to wear and tear issues. So, try to keep them in less crowded areas.
  • If you are too much concerned about the maintenance and wear and tear issues of your carpets, then you can use carpet protectors. However, you should not forget that they have tripping hazard.
  • Walking on carpets in heels can also lead to wear and tear issues and sometimes, extreme damage. Therefore, try to avoid walking on carpets in heels.
  • Reposition the home furniture time to time and also, use the castor cups under all the heavy furniture as it helps avoiding indentations caused by crushed fiber.
  • Do not keep the carpets and rugs in areas exposed to direct sunlight. The reason for the same is because, the sun rays can damage colour fading as well as premature aging of carpets. It is noted from many instances that carpets positioned in sunlight often become lighter from different areas and that actually looks shabby and unattractive. In case, you are not in this situation to avoid keeping carpet in sunlight, then rugs and carpet rotation after every 15 days can be beneficial.
  • If you neglect carpets and rugs maintenance, they will display the untimely wear signs of dirt on its surface. For preventing the damage or avoiding dirt spreading, use vacuuming process in the pile direction can prove advantageous. While vacuuming the carpet edges, you should pay special attention.

By following these tips, you can enhance the aesthetic beauty of your rugs and carpets and use them for longer period of time.

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