Practical Tips To Keep Your Hand Tufted Rugs & Carpets Safe & Maintained!

Hand tufted rugs and carpets are in vogue these days as hundreds of home makers love to buy them from reputed hand tufted rugs carpets manufacturer exporter India. The carpets purchased from a trust worthy hand tufted carpet manufacturer India commit for longevity, functionality and appeal for a long time. Though its sustainability depends on their maintenance and care for which home makers must follow expert tips. This article introduces various tips to keep hand tufted carpets safe and functional with quality maintenance ideas. So, let’s check out what you should learn about hand tufted rugs’ maintenance to use them for decades.

Caring Hand tufted rugs & carpets –

Hand tufted rugs and carpets are more like home décor items and for that, they must look maintained and neat and clean always. A shabby and filthy carpet never looks good in a place and hence, to attract your guests or anyone who enters in your house, you must keep your hand tufted carpets maintained. Your quality maintenance will determine the quality and functionality of these home décor items and here are those practical tips to adequately maintain these handmade rugs and carpets.

Tips To keep your carpets safe from sunlight –

Safety from sunlight is one of the most important maintenance aspects for hand tufted rugs and carpets. The damage done by the sunlight is hard to recover as the effect is always long term. So, it is always advised to users to provide rugs safety from the direct sunlight.

  • Never keep the hand tufted carpets in the direct contact with sunlight for a long time. In case, you are not at home, make sure to use curtains in the windows; so that, the sunlight cannot enter directly in the room.
  • Keep rotating your hand tufted carpets time to time as this tip helps the colour of the rugs to be balanced from all sides. Due to any weather element, the rugs’ colour can get faded and rotation of carpets will not let the fading occur to one side only.

Tips to manage infestation issues –

Infestation is a severe damaging issue for hand tufted carpets and hence, you should take measures to manage the infestation development. The production of infestation is a result of various factors and you need to know those factors to avoid their growth.

  • Always aerate the place where hand tufted rugs are kept and also the rugs itself. Still, if you find infestation occurs, you should apply various market solutions to handle them.

Daily Care is imperative –

Just as all other rugs and carpets, hand tufted carpets always require daily care and maintenance. Give them timely cleaning with vacuuming. Though always avoid over-vacuuming of these carpets as they require medium vacuum power. The over vacuuming can cause deterioration of fibers. In addition, they require time to time washing.

Considering these maintenance tips, you can increase the life and quality of your hand tufted carpets and use them for long years.