Discovering Why Carpet Tiles Are Gaining Immense Popularity!

For offices or all kinds of commercial spaces, carpet tiles have emerged as the trendiest carpeting solution. Still, if you are not much aware of carpet tiles, then here we are presenting all about carpet tiles. In addition, to buy the best carpet tiles at reasonable price range, shop from a reliable carpet tiles manufacturers and exporters like Genie Carpet Manufacturer. Before we start describing the facts and details about carpet tiles, let us present a clear idea on what carpet tiles are and how they are becoming so popular nowadays.

Learning Carpet Tiles In Detail –

Carpet tiles are in high trend these days. They are basically small sized carpet swatches of broadloom carpet. They can easily be combined and installed in different ways. One can find creativity in the placement of carpet tiles and hence get a unique and catchy carpet setting at a place. These are better known as carpet squares or modular carpets and comes in various sizes like 50 x 50, 60 x 60, 48 x 48 and also 96 x 96 cms. Moreover, you can get them as planks or long rectangular tile shapes.

The manufactures of carpet tiles offer them in various backing solutions in which hardback backing is quite famous. Besides them, open cell cushion and closed cell cushion backing are also two famous backing of carpet tiles. These tiles are packed with pre-fixed backing that implies of being directly installable on subfloor and easy and fast installation.

Reasons To Buy Carpet Tiles –

 Easily Replaceable – As compared to broadloom carpet, carpet tiles are easily cleanable. In their cleaning, users need to spend less money. In addition, they are good at replacing also. For instance, if any of the tiles got spilled or stained, you don’t have to replace the entire carpet tiles, but remove single stained piece and replace with fresh piece. This way, it is less troublesome to replace and maintain.

  • Easily Installable – In installation of carpet tiles, you need to spend only 20 percent of time that one spends on broadloom carpet installation. As these carpet tiles come in boxes, they are easy to carry at the space of installation. Moreover, for commercial spaces, you can easily move them via elevators. You can easily cut them in various shapes and sizes and hence, needs less effort to install.
  • Greatly Customization – These carpet tiles offer greatly creative flexibility to designers. As these tiles, come in various colours and designs, the interior decorators or designers can play well while installing them in their project.
  • Less Waste – Carpet tiles are environment friendly because the recycled pieces of these tiles can be converted into new products like medical equipment, new carpet and even car parts.
  • Economic – Another great benefit of using carpet tiles on broadloom carpets is their being economical or cost effective. In these carpet tile purchase, buyers may initially find them more expensive than that of broadloom carpets. But, on the long term, they can be used for around 17 years and the life of broadloom carpets is just 10 years maximum. Moreover, in the installation of carpet tiles, you can save your money and also in transportation.