What To Look For When Buying Premium Rugs & Carpets!

Buying premium rugs and carpets for your new or old home can be time taking as it is a pricey trade in which people happily spend hundreds of dollars. But, still there is no guarantee that they get the premium quality rugs and carpets as expected. So, what is the solution to deal with such situation? Is there a way out to make a right purchase of high quality premium rugs and carpets that are long lasting, comfortable, attractive and aesthetically and practically perfect?

Well, yes, the solution is definitely available and here we are talking about some essential factors to remember when buying high quality rugs and carpets. Along with all the aspects that we are going to discuss, it is equally important to buy these items from a reputed and renowned rugs and carpets exporters in India.

Being a big carpet market, India accommodates numerous rugs and carpets exporters including experienced and newbies. But, for the sake of high quality products, you have to look for the experienced and skilled rugs and carpets exporters in India who fulfil his commitments with excellence and skills. Now, let’s talk about various aspects that help buyers to decide which carpets and rugs are the best buy and which are not.

Evaluate The Carpet Quality With Its Knot Count –

When premium quality carpet or rug is decided on the basis its fibre and the way they are woven. So, to determine the quality of a selected carpet, just turn over it. If it is made by machine, the knots will be uniform. Usually, the knot counts are taken as the main determinant of carpet quality, yet many contemporary carpets and rugs do not follow this determinant. Traditionally, an ideal carpet must have more than 120 knots per square inch. So, checking the knot count,  you may get an idea about the quality of the carpets.

Fibre – Another Determinant To Choose Quality Carpet & Rug –

Most of the guidebooks to help buyers ensuring high quality carpets suggest a burn test on the fibre. It is a proven and excellent way to check excellence of fibre used to manufacture carpets. So, if you are shopping from a physical store for carpets and rugs, you should not mind conducting this check. But, as most of the modern buyers prefer online shopping, this test is not possible to be conducted during the purchase. However, once the product gets delivered to your doorstep, you can test it by burning a little fibre from the carpet and ensure the quality.