Finding Out Various Types Of Rugs & Carpets To Enhance Your Décor!

The rugs and carpets industry in India is quite big as the history of Indian rugs dates back to centuries and the craze for Indian rugs and carpets is still the same among people. So, if you too love buying rugs and carpets for your home or office décor, then this article is worth your interest as here we list some notable yet attractive kinds of rugs and carpets that you can buy from carpet manufacturers India.

Being a reputed rug and carpet industry, India has hundreds of carpet manufacturers India actively engaged in selling and exporting rugs and carpets. This huge presence of carpet manufactures makes buyers engage in thorough research to locate the best seller from all carpet manufacturers India. To make your carpet buying process easier, we suggest you buy the best rugs and carpets from Genie Carpet Manufacturers in India as it is renowned exporters and manufacturers of all kinds of rugs and carpets. Now, let’s put some light on various types of rugs and carpets available in India to sellers.

Different Types Of Rugs & Carpets =

Oriental Rugs & Carpets – These rugs and carpets fall in the exquisite category and are the quite popular variety of these products. In Asian countries, they are extensively being used due to the utilization of oriental themes and motifs. These rugs and carpets represent elegance due to its elemental presentation, grounding borders and movements as their design shows the message of liveliness.

Antique Carpets & Rugs – The antique carpets and rugs comprise of traditional and antique designs having regional arrangements and famously attractive motifs. These carpets represent the greatest design of the ancient world as it is based on traditional weaving technique, but still, carry a great potential for décor.

Artistic Folk Carpets & Rugs – These rugs are known for a personal touch because usually they are based on some scenery. In these rugs, you will see striking grounded pictures or appearances because they are designed around neutral tones to bring in captivating elements that catch the attention of viewers.

Antique Tribal Rugs & Carpets – The rugs and carpets fall in tribal rugs category are basically those made by tribal people. In early times, carpet and rug makers of tribal rugs use to make them in tents and these were limited to them only. But, nowadays, big carpet manufacturers have given a boost to these carpets and sell them to buyers.

Area Rugs – Area rugs and carpets are one of the most famous kinds of carpets available in the Indian carpet industry. Being highly sophisticated and easy to maintain, they fit perfectly into the modern lifestyle and home environment.

Durrie Rugs & Carpets – Durrie is another famous variety of carpets and rugs in India as people from all class love to buy durrie for a varied purpose.

Hand Tufted Rugs & Carpets – These carpets are very elegant in design and come in several shades that match the modern home décor perfectly.