Know The Best Carpet Manufacturers and Exporters in India

Genie carpet manufacturers are listed among the major carpet manufacturers in India. They have earned their name in recognition as the manufacturer of rugs and carpets supplying their products across the Hotels, Villas, Palaces, Resorts, Home, Designer boutique as well as the fancy outlets. The product reaches to every corner of the building needing decoration over floor.

The vibrant lifestyle must be matched up with classy décor and décor starts from the basic of the floor and that is certainly the carpets. Genie carpet manufacturer provide the diversified range from the traditional and village cultured carpet to the hand made customized carpets in different theme styled with effects and comes in all standard and preferred sizes.

One of the best carpet exporters in India, Genie carpet manufacturers is established by the professionals leading the industry from several decades. The company includes export of their products across the globe and is considered in top of the carpet exporters in India.

Genie carpet manufacturers exports carpets and rugs in different varieties such as hand knotted carpets, hand made oriental rugs, hand tufted carpets, hand made carpets, handloom carpets with designer rugs. They also export custom rugs of all types offering a wide range coverage in choices.

The manufacturing unit include the floor covering of all type like contemporary durries, kilims and textile components with latest design and printed cushion covers. This contemporary cushion and rug manufacturing classification enables Genie carpet manufacturers to be counted among the known rug exporters India.

Antique carpets are loved by all class and age group of individual. Antique is the one which mesmerizes your thought to uphold the ancestral belief or possess the tradition which they used to follow. The carpet resembles the culture engraved with the floral or the traditional markings hand made textured on the carpets. The recognition of antique carpets came into being from the last century and these crafts transform the interior décor to the elegant art form.

Hand crafted rugs and traditional designed carpets are the classic recognition of Genie Carpet manufacturer making it reliable name for the rug exporters and carpet manufacturer and exporters in India. The aesthetical designer carpets allure the glimpse of every corner of the eye as to realize the dream of you.

Luxury woolen and custom made hospitality carpets recognize us from others as the world’s established name for exquisite custom designed manufacturer. Commercial carpets are also delivered with durability and quality assurance. The product ranges a wide quality and diverse nature with high performing durability and wear ability at access.
Genie carpet manufacturers are based at Capital region of the nation exporting not only across the nation but the globe. The company is established as the mark of excellence in the flooring industry and has been serving since many generations. Genie carpet manufacturers have achieved a glorious fame among the rug exporters and carpet exporters India with rug and carpet manufacturing in diverse variety with a wide range of texture and designs and components.