Hand Knotted Or Hand Tufted Carpet – Finding The Best For You!

A carpet is one of the most sophisticated and functional home décor items available in a house. As a carpet brings in a classy aura to a surrounding, it is a must have property for places like hotels, hospitals, offices and so on. In India, you can find a number of carpet ans rug manufacturers who excel in a variety of carpet manufacturing, exporting and selling, but when you look for hand knotted or any specialised carpet that speak for supreme quality, exclusive design and a touch of sophistication, https://www.geniecarpetmanufacturers.in/ can be the best option to go with.

Genie Carpet Manufacturers is one of the most renowned hand knotted carpet manufacturer in India. This manufacturer is not only famous for hand knotted carpets, but almost all types of carpets and rugs range that you would have ever been noticed in a hotel, resort or hospital. The most popular carpet types available at Genie Carpet Manufacturers include Hand knotted carpets, handmade oriental rugs, handloom carpets, hand tufted carpets, designer rugs, handmade carpets and many more varieties are there to choose from.

Being mastered as hand knotted carpet manufacturer in India, it provides world class carpets that compliment a premises in all possible ways. Besides it, the hand knotted carpet range is also very famous among buyers. So, if you are looking for one of the best carpets for your living room, then read on following information on hand knotted or hand tufted carpets and find out which is the best carpet for you.

Finding difference between hand knotted & hand tufted carpet –

Also referred as latex or full cut carpets, hand tufted carpets and rugs are produceed  with not a very high level of skillmanship and competence ; however the hand knotted carpets are quite opposite to them as they need very high level of craftmanship and very fine degree of work and also  takes a considerable amount of time to finally complete a single master piece . In addition, you should also have a complete knowledge about how to tie the knots in a right way. So, hand tufted carpet is based on simple and easy methodology. On the contrary, hand knotted carpets are based on precision, skill, patience and quality time.

Quality Measures In Hand Tufted Carpets & Hand Knotted Carpets –

The quality parameters for finding the best carpets depend on the individual requirements of buyers; however durability, and soft touch are two key measures on which a perfect carpet is being selected. When it comes to choose , in case of  the best hand tufted carpets, buyers check it from its wool material from which they are manufactured; however, the best hand knotted carpets are chosen on the knots quantity per sq. inch along with the very high level of craftsmanship .

So, if you are new in buying hand knotted or hand tufted carpets, keep these elements as the main selection parameter.