Handmade Rugs – A Great Comeback In Carpeting!

The time carpets became popular, handmade rugs became the showstopper as they had been the choicest pieces loved by royals and rich demographics across the globe. No doubt, in the beginning, carpets and rugs had been exclusive to high class society as middle class or lower class people could not afford them. However, the commercialization of carpeting industry has given a birth to machine made carpets and rugs which ultimately made carpets a thing of everyone’s reach. But in the recent years, handmade rugs have made a remarkable comeback as numerous homemakers and hoteliers are taking interest in buying handmade rugs and carpets.

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Now, let’s check out what makes handmade rugs so popular among masses.

Handmade Rugs – Why People Love Them –

Handmade rugs and carpets always succeed in delighting and satisfying people who give value to their individuality over anything. That means, people who prefer bespoke carpets and rugs created in specific pattern, colour and sizes only go with handmade rugs. These are very expensive as compared to machine made rugs, yet they win the hearts of buyers because of they are unique and present the best material and matchless feel.

Finding similar piece of rug in any other house will be almost impossible when you are stick to handmade rugs. So, if you too look for carpets and rugs that feature matchless design, colour and sizes, you should only trust a reputed handmade rugs exporter India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers.

Our fantastic handmade rug choices remarkably convert a simple room in a fully distinctive place with truly cozy and traditional vibe.

Trendy Choices In Handmade Rugs Among Modern Buyers –

Talking about the most coveted designs for handmade rugs that are in trend nowadays, people love monochrome and modest ones. As these designs aptly fit the modern home décor and setting, buyers find them contemporary and worth their investment.

In colour choices, buyers prefer handmade rugs in natural colours mainly. Rugs having green, grey and earthy tones find more attention from buyers than any other carpet type. In addition, subtle coloured handmade rugs have a different appeal that adds a uniqueness in a place.

The best thing about this trend is that; it is not going to fade soon but will gain traction in the coming years. Buyers are quite keen to buy them. Therefore, buying handmade rugs in these trendy options will prove a smart choice for you too.