3 major reasons to buy handmade rugs for your home!

Are you planning to buy high quality rugs and carpets for your home that last for decades, and feature premium feel and remarkable aesthetic appeal? If yes, then take your requirement to a reputed handmade rugs manufacturer India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers. Handmade rugs speak for uniqueness in terms of design, colors, size, and patterns. Therefore, to give a place a touch of authenticity, one must associate with a renowned handmade rugs exporter India who has a good record in exceptional rugs and carpets in the market.

Rugs exporters India – famous for superior handmade carpets –

Homemakers who choose to buy handmade rugs and carpets for their home décor usually understand the reason to give these carpets more preference than that of machine made ones. But those who are yet not much aware of the value of handmade carpets, here are 3 major reasons to buy handmade rugs mentioned for your learning.

Durability comes within handmade rugs –

Buying handmade rugs from a famous carpet exporters India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers will give you a guarantee of durability for the purchased rugs. As the quality handmade rugs are made exclusively by hand over traditional loom, you can expect them to last for decades without any issue.

Before the artisan gets the rug over look, a lot of handwork including yarn spinning and wool’s dyeing is being done to make the materials ready. All these things are done by hand only, and that is where the actual labour and time is being invested. Wool as you may probably know is the most famous and great material choice for quality carpets and rugs, ensures the durability of these products. So, when you buy wool based handmade rugs from us, you can expect it to use for years without any damage.

Handmade rugs & their eco-friendliness –

Usually, the handmade rugs are crafted with environment friendly and green materials. Hence, choosing handmade rugs can prove your support to Green Environment. These rugs are dyed using natural vegetable colours. Silk, cotton and wool fibers are mostly used as the main material for rugs and carpets and these materials feature qualities like biodegradability and longevity.

Exploring our online store of Genie Carpet Manufacturers, will let you find the fabulous choices in handmade rugs to give your home a warmer and greener feel.

Handmade rugs boast of phenomenal creativity –

Handmade rugs are designed and crafted by skilled artisans by years, and every single piece of handmade rug boasts of brilliant creativity which machine made carpets often fail to do. Many oriental handmade rugs narrate the story and design inspiration from culture and heritage of the areas the artisans belong to. Therefore, you can certainly imagine for a newness when you choose handmade rugs for your next purchase.

Besides these 3 reasons, there are many other things that make buyers crazy to buy handmade rugs over machine-made ones. But, when you expect guaranteed quality and matchless choices, Genie Carpet Manufacturer is the place where your expectations will be met rightly.