Common Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Carpets & Rugs India!

Carpets buying is not that easy as grocery buying which we usually master in. So, there are high chances that you make a mistake while choosing rugs and carpets for your home. To help you find the best carpets and rugs from a good carpet manufacturer India, we present this informative article on top mistakes that consumers make while buying carpets from the market. Have this knowledge of usual buyers’ mistakes in mind and try to avoid repeating them while shopping for the best carpets and rugs for your home. Let’s talk about common mistakes right here and trigger it out to make a smart purchase for carpets and rugs from India.

Hanging Up Over Carpet Weight –

It is somehow the first thing we warn buyers against while they start shopping for perfect carpets and rugs for their home. So, never think that a good carpet is only evaluated with its high weight. In other words, it is absolutely wrong to think that a higher weight of carpet assures for a better quality. Hence, if you think this way, then you are probably on a mistake in carpeting buying case.

In the case of buying carpets, one should concentrate on a variety of elephant rather than paying attention only on its weight. Sadly, a number of salespeople of carpet market are either less informed or are indifferent to describe this thing of numbers properly. So, it is quite convenient to say that a 60 oz. carpet is a better option than the one having 50 oz. Rather, the reality is; carpets must be evaluated on the basis of density, twists, craftsmanship, fabric etc.

Withholding On Underpad –

It is one of the biggest mistakes that carpet buyers make when buying carpets for home or offices. It is a fact that it is quite difficult to explain spending additional money for an element or thing that is around invisible. So, most buyers like to save their cash and use that on REAL things. This kind of thinking is quite common to be seen among carpet buyers as they usually prefer to save their cash on underpad of their carpets and later they feel being fooled.

In case of carpeting, these unseen underpad plays a great role in making carpets functional and effective. They save carpets from usual wear and tear as they effectively absorb the foot traffic impressions and make them look great for a longer period of time.

Therefore, it is a good advice to buyers to always give value to carpets with good underpad and never hesitate to pay extra for underpad.

Expecting Similar Functionality From Similar Looking Carpets –

As the carpet market in India is rising very fast, there are so many carpet and rugs sellers and manufacturers budding day by day. So, there are chances that you are being shown copies of carpets and if you think that similar looking carpet would have similar functionality, then it will prove a big mistake at your part. So, carpets should never be judged with their look, but be informed about the difference in their quality and functionality. For this purpose, always evaluate the carpet from its fiber and manufacturing type.