A Brief Introduction of Hand-tufted Carpets

Carpet Manufacturers in India for discerning buyers

With hand-tufted carpets, you can add a new look to your home’s interior. You can choose from many styles, from traditional designs to contemporary ones. These carpets can be made in any color or style, so there’s no limit to the possibility of your choices. Hand-Tufted Carpet allows you to transform your interior more frequently than much more costly hand-woven or knotted rugs. Regarding tufted rugs, the hand-tufted carpet manufacturer in Saudi Arabia is the one you have to trust.

Hand-tufted Carpet is one of the most durable types of flooring material that is made from a highly durable pile that does not become damaged quickly, making it ideal for high-traffic areas and rooms where daily wear and tear are high. With a wide range of colors and designs, hand-tufted carpets are always an excellent investment.

Hand-tufted carpets for home

Hand-tufted rugs are a trendy and eye-catching addition to every room in your home. Our collection of spectacular floor coverings is brightly colored yet still classic in design so that you can transform your house with style. Handmade by master artisans of hand-tufted carpet manufacturers in UAE/Dubai, these décor items vary in shape, size, and design based on regional tradition. They are just as beautiful inside your home as in the store. If you’re looking to create a relaxing ambient atmosphere or some bold statement pieces in your interior, consider these designs that can be transformed into traditional or modern accents.

The hand-tufted carpet manufacturing process

These stunning carpets made by hand-tufted carpet manufacturers in Qatar are specially designed using state-of-the-art. The process of tufting yarn onto the canvas is laborious, meticulous work. Each process step is thus hand-crafted and monitored by experienced technicians so that the carpet or rug’s aesthetic beauty and value will not be compromised.
Hand-tufted carpets are created by threading yarn through a canvas and then stitching the strands together to form a pile.

The hand-tufted carpet manufacturing process begins with the materials. After being purchased, the pile is unwound from its roll and cut into small pieces called chips. Each of these chips is then put through a machine that cuts them into the desired length. The tufts are applied to the back of a piece of carpet when it passes through the machine, rebuilding it into a new shape. When you want to avoid compromising the integrity of your carpet and rugs, consider Genie Carpet Manufacturer as a reputed hand-Tufted Carpet manufacturer in Oman.

Hand-tufted rugs are one of the most coveted home decor pieces. Their intricate designs and natural colors are so appealing that you can’t help but fall in love with them the moment you see them. These have been around for over a thousand years and are among the most popular rugs today. This is because they last longer than knotted rugs and are also less expensive than their hand-knotted counterparts, making them much easier to use in your home décor.

How to evaluate the quality and prices of hand-knotted carpets?

The number of knots per square inch (KPSI) can be considered a significant scale to determine the quality of carpets. Moreover, it may start from 40 and go up as high as 2000 knots. A good hand-knotted carpet can measure 160 knots per square inch, 400 knots per square is remarkable, and 1000 knots and up are exceedingly luxurious and expensive. You can take in-depth knowledge from our Genie Carpet Manufacturer’s expert who works with a trustworthy hand-tufted carpet manufacturer in India.

Benefits of these impeccable carpets made by hand-tufted carpet manufacturers in Qatar

  • Countless limitations to shape or size
  • Unlimited color choices
  • No limitations to custom-designs
  • Intricate design detail
  • Variety of surface options and levels
  • Available in different finishing
  • No seams in the final product
  • Durability
  • Longevity

How Can Hand-Tufted Carpet Be a Profitable Deal For Consumers?

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Hand-tufted carpets are one of the highest quality and finest carpets available. Using yarn by hand in a loom creates a more accurate and durable outcome than machine processing. Hand-tufted carpet manufacturers in India have been designing, producing, manufacturing, and supplying superior quality handmade rugs with the latest techniques that enhance your lifestyle. Strong, sturdy wool is used to create most of our carpets. This method involves handlooms and the expert craftsmanship of the artisans who create these gorgeous carpets and provide a more luxurious feel than machine-made carpets. If you are searching for a reliable hand-tufted rugs carpets manufacturer exporter in India, look no further than Genie Carpet Manufacturers to meet your expectations.

As a prominent hand-tufted carpet manufacturer in India, we offer a wide selection of polyester and jute flat-woven carpets, which can be customized with almost any size in your preferred color combinations. We aim to provide you with the highest quality value for your money to feel great about your purchase. Hassle-free customer support ensures you are happy with your purchase;
this sets us apart from other carpet manufacturers in India.

Why should you invest in hand-tufted carpets rather than machine-made carpets?

Say goodbye to the scratch and wear of cut pile materials with tufted carpets. These carpeted surfaces are made from various colorful strands, all of which are hand-tufted together by master dyers and artisans using centuries-old methods from around the world. It is made by hand, using a tufting needle to weave a lattice of wool into the carpet pile. The tufts are produced with shuttle looms, which create an uneven pile on the underside of the carpet. A hand-tufted carpet will look different from a machine-made one because its irregular nature gives it depth and character, unlike a machine-made one that is easier to manufacture but lacks softness when touching it. An uneven pile from a hand-touched carpet gives it a more authentic look that cannot be replicated with machines. As a hand-tufted carpet manufacturer in India, we provide professional quality carpets for all commercial and residential requirements. Our hand-tufted carpets are long-lasting, strong yet soft, and comfortable to lay on.

Characteristics of hand-tufted carpets

  • Hand-tufted carpets come in various colors, styles, and types. They are very popular because they are incredibly inexpensive and provide an authentic carpet look that store-bought carpets can’t match. These rugs also hold up better than machine-made carpets. Because they’re hand-knotted, they have a nice soft feel to them, too.
  • Hand-tufted carpets are the most popular choice for contemporary interiors, delivering a handmade feel with real texture. With our selection of neutral or versatile shades, you’ll find a carpet that suits your needs exactly.
  • Hand-tufted carpets are unique regarding the time and effort it took to hand embroiders them. The patterns are not printed but are hand-embroidered onto wool or silk yarns by experienced artisans who painstakingly sew them into place to ensure they look smooth, plush, and luxurious.

Benefits of hand-tufted carpets for your residential or commercial projects

  • These are well-known for their durability and resilient features.
  • Budget-friendly pricing makes it a must-have.
  • Soft-to-touch and smooth
  • As a reputed Hand-tufted rug carpets manufacturer exporter in India, Genie Carpet Manufacturers can customize your carpets based on your project and uplift the curb appeal of the surroundings.
  • Hand-tufted carpet manufacturer exporter in India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers creates these beautiful floor coverings that withstand heavy foot activity for years.
  • Due to the straightforward approach, the hand-tufted carpet manufacturer in India can manufacture the forms, designs, and colors that purchasers choose.

Let’s know Some Hand-tufted Rugs Trends to adorn your Home Interior

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A hand-tufted rug piece is not made by tying individual knots, making them less labor-intensive hence shortening the production time. However, they are still fine and tight because the yarns are pushed through its backing with a tool called a tufting gun after being tufted. A hand-knotted rug is produced by the weaver tying thousands of individual knots by hand. It is time-consuming and labor-intensive. The weaver requires being very patient and well-skilled. Depending on the pattern and design’s complexity, it can take months or even years to create one piece of a hand-knotted rug, but the rug’s details are exceptional.

At Genie Carpet Manufacturers, we are one of the renowned Rug Exporters in India, a reliable source for the best quality of hand-tufted and hand-knotted rugs. We can advise you in every step from selecting to buying rug and after buying service. Our customer support team is available to answer all your queries related to Rugs. Whatever type of rug or carpet you are looking for – be it jute, cotton, sisal, or woolen, Rug Exporter India can help you find it here. Let’s see some latest trends of rugs, such as:

Hand-Tufted Medallion Rug Trends

Did you know that contemporary Rondo rug collection has bold circles that twist and curve across? It can be added to give your space a medallion touch and feel. This stunning area rug is hand-tufted with high-quality wool, Polyester, and cotton by skilled craftsmen for durability.

Hand-Tufted Floral Rug Trends

The Messina rug’s eccentric layout makes this an ideal piece of home interior and furnishing for a conventional lounge area or maybe even a nursery, as the pleasantness of the blossoms holds an honest honesty. Hand-knotted by master craftsmen, this collection is made from bamboo viscose and wool and features vibrant colors red, green, and blue. Using a hand-tufting technique meant to mimic the look of a hand-knotted rug; this area rug is created using a unique blend of bamboo viscose and wool that combines sustainability with compelling texture. This rug features large blossoms bursting out of their allocated material to challenge our perceptions of interior design while maintaining its comfortable home furnishing status.

Hand-Tufted Geometric Area Rug Trend

Add dimension to the room decor with this fine-quality leather area rug. The designer Cobalt Rug is a great inclusion to your interiors; the designer Cobalt Rug is handmade by skilled artisans with premium quality cowhide leather and bamboo viscose. The geometric rug is sophisticated enough to add a contemporary touch to your living area.

Hand-Tufted Abstract Area Rug

Available in various sizes and hues, the Capella Leather Tufted Area Rug by Rug Exporters India is designed to bring a touch of class to your home decor. Hand-tufted by professional artisans with high-grade leather and bamboo viscose, the rug features an enticing design that will transform the look of your home decor. The durable leather construction is soft to the touch and will last for years to come.

Our sophisticated hand tufted area rug is made of a plush acrylic, wool blend that’s made to last. The beauty of this rug is in its simplicity. Choose from a wide range of sizes, colors and many unique designs to find the perfect accent piece that adds warmth and style to your home.