Transform Your Living Space Entirely By Using Hand Knotted Carpets

In this fastly moving world, we all follow super hectic schedules so we all want to get an eternal piece after reaching home. Nothing can match the utmost comfort provided by a soft hand-knotted rug. The handmade rugs not just look incredible but also provide the desired touch of comfort below your feet. The Hand Knotted Rugs Carpet Manufacturer Exporter India also intends to provide these carpets and rugs to be used as an alluring tapestry, which will locate a bloom to your décor.

This art of hand-knotted carpets and rugs initiated in Southern Central Asia in near about 3rd and 2nd millennium BCE. Persia and Turkmenistan were the countries that served as a baby bed for carpet making.

Hand Knotted Rugs Manufacturer In India got firstly introduced in the early sixteenth century with the starting of the Mughal Dynasty. Following the same path, later on, Indian artisans started adopting Persian techniques as well as designs and eventually began to implement their own innovations. Carpets crafted in Punjab at that particular time (known as the Lahore carpets) used decorative styles and motifs that came from the Mughal architecture.

This trend of weaving carpets was transferred from the Mughals to the other dynasties and then taken down to further generations, and in this way, it got spread across many states. Each region has an exclusive touch of its own cultural sense and specialty regarding carpet designing. Moreover, the patterns and quality of carpets depend on the raw materials’ availability and efficiencies of craftsmen coming from various regions.

The Indian subcontinent has invited and welcomed the new customs, people and cultures always. It has proposed the Indian culture with impressively diversified with art forms coming from the centuries. This artistic inclination can be easily seen in the carpet manufacturing art.

The Hand Knotted Rugs Manufacturer in India designs, manufactures and then crafts traditional, transitional, as well as modern carpets and rugs, which are a testament to excellent Indian craftsmanship. Hand-knotted carpets propose your space with an extreme level of luxury. An incredible option is hand-tufted carpets for the places where budgets are kept limited. You can use such carpets and rugs in your bedroom, living room, workspace, and dens to match the interior all over. By adopting elegant and traditional hand knotted carpets and designer rugs, your entire space can be transformed completely.

Bhadoi is considered as the epicenter of carpet and rug manufacturing activities as well as is also the center of designing aesthetics. Hand Knotted Rugs Carpet Manufacturer Exporter India stays rooted to our roots and heritage and simultaneously discovers new carpet collections by following latest trends in décor and interior.

Using a pool of modern, floral, geometric and abstract, carpets’ and rugs’ designs, the manufacturing companies believe to deliver something that is suitable for every home. Carpets and rugs manufacturers emphasize on using the most exceptional quality of yarns as well as textures to weave the carpets of premium range. Every company intends to become a go-to source to fulfill your interior requirements regarding carpets and rugs.