Make the Latest Statement for Home Interior with Beautiful Area Rugs

Area Rug Manufacturer in UAE / Dubai

The art of making a masterpiece area rug is a perfect instance of craftsmanship and hands-on experience. Whether you want to transform the look of your residential space or give a luxury touch to your living area, choose area rugs suitable for all home decor. If you want to pick the best hand-made floor coverings, Genie is a remarkable area rug manufacturer in the USA with rich experience and years of legacy in this field.

Our area rugs are the focal point of your home space that can easily grab the attention of your visitors and create a wow factor to uplift the beauty of your properties. These are widely used for specific zones, framing your furniture, and adding a pop of colour to any room in your home. As a reputed area rug manufacturer in the UK, we give you full freedom to pick these exquisite carpets in various vibrant colours and bold patterns that add a lively flourish of luxury and character to any space. With these spectacular collections in our stocks, you can finish your project quickly and beautifully at Genie Carpet Manufacturers.

Notable Area Rug Manufacturer in UAE/ Dubai

Area rugs are majesty of any home space. They are used as functional pieces, from splitting the room or area up into different zones to grouping furniture together to define a space. There is a huge demand for using them in open-plan living areas to add definition to the room and clearly showcase the distinct purposes of these zones.

Whether you want to cover your kitchen or living room floor space, these can be the perfect parts to prevent your tables, chairs, and sofas from slipping on wooden floors. Genie is a reputed resource as a top-notch area rug manufacturer in Qatar, offering a wide range of home decor that allows you to add beautiful decorative elements to your home.

Rely on Genie area rug manufacturers in the USA to opt for many styles of area rugs from our unmatched collection that match your existing decors. Leverage a renowned platform to pick eye-catching designs that will make the latest statements against neutral interiors. Individuals choose these floor-covering elements that are widely popular for home interiors and are the perfect alternative to wall-to-wall carpeting. These cover a large proportion of floor space and add warmth and a soft underfoot feel to your residential space.

Shopping for Exquisite and Elegant Area Rugs Under One Roof

One size does not match all requirements. Genie, an area rug manufacturer in the UK, offers beautiful carpets and rugs with endless possibilities, including geometric patterns, joyous energy, and colours in all hues. Our carpets can give instant personality to any room, lending new energy to people walking around on such beautiful floor elements. Browse Genie Carpet Manufacturer’s website and select area rugs based on current trends, antique pieces, and mid-century modern area rugs.

Genie- Your Gateway to Experience the Unparalleled Craftsmanship and Exceptional Quality of Rugs

With decades of hands on experience of excellence in crafting timeless rugs and carpets with love and passion, Genie area rug manufacturer in UAE/ Dubai offers a wide range of area rugs for busy hallways, living rooms, bedroom areas, kitchen spaces, and many more. Our hand-made rugs and carpets provide timeless elegance, functionality and exceptional durability for years that you deserve. If you want custom pieces of area rugs, we are your trusted source to accomplish your floor-covering goals under budget.

If you have hardwood floors, you can go with fluffy shaggy rugs to give a luxury touch to your home space and add warmth under your bare feet when you get out of bed in the morning. Opting for Funky Rugs is also a great choice to add the latest statement pieces to your rooms with a muted-tone flat weave rug for versatile aesthetics.

When it comes to indulging in the world of Genie Area rug collections, you have countless shaggy rugs available in various colours, from purple to red and multi-coloured. As a prominent area rug manufacturer in Qatar, we use a variety of materials to give a physical shape to beautiful floor coverings, such as fibre, acrylic, polypropylene, wool, viscose, jute, sisal, etc.

6 Reasons to Use Area Rugs in your Home


Various good reasons inspire patrons to choose area rugs to cover their floors, such as comfort, warmth, luxury touch, ease of cleaning, and maintenance. Adding these marvelous decors work exceptionally with existing furniture and accessories. Working with a renowned area rug manufacturer in Saudi Arabia like Genie Carpet Manufacturers, you can enhance the overall interiors of a home, mansion, or apartment and symbolize status and wealth. These are usually available in various popular sizes, such as 5’x8′ and 8’x11.

Let’s understand why you should invest in these decor items.

1. Create a focal point in your room

One of the main advantages of bringing these floor coverings is that they never go out of style and continue to symbolize class for centuries. Being an emerging area rug manufacturer in Qatar, we handcraft these magical decor items in various colors, patterns, textures, and styles. These can tie a room together and be picked up and carried from one room to another.

2. Cover your hard floor surface and add a soft touch under barefoot

Area rugs let you spruce up your home interior without breaking the bank and are perfect against daily wear and tear. Kids and pets can easily play around them because they are free from harmful chemicals or release toxins. Whether you choose Persian or Oriental rugs from a reputed area Rug Manufacturer in Kuwait, you can give a natural and luxurious touch to your existing space.

3. These versatile floor coverings add warmth and protection to your hard floor.

Floor decor items made by a prominent area rug manufacturer in UAE/Dubai can add warmth to your cold rooms and work in the bedroom, dining room, and den. If you want to spice up the look of your living room, these are available in thousands of combinations in different shapes, colors, materials, and design patterns. The patrons can choose them to add an extra layer of protection from scratches and scraps of life.

4. Area rugs are the perfect demonstration of art.

Carpets and rugs made by an area Rug manufacturer and exporter in India a magical touch of color and graphical elements into a room and help you create a dynamic gathering place.

5. Reduce noise

These beautifully crafted rugs will dramatically brighten your space with soft colors and warm tones. You can choose a rug that matches or complements the color scheme in your Home, or you can accentuate an existing color palette and create a beautiful pattern. If you don’t already have area rugs on display, invest in some today!

6. Persian Rugs are a one-time investment and highly durable.

One of the critical features of Persian rugs is their solid construction. They are eye-catching in look at the first glance and very durable. As your area rug manufacturer in USA, we have a deep passion for showcasing their art worldwide and being admired for their exceptional work. Hand-knotted, traditional rugs are mainly known for their superior quality. Our hands knot each carpet strand with skilled and experienced weavers and designers.

However, hand-knotted area rugs of superior quality are widely available in the market. The Persian rug is one among them. They are known for their solid construction and durability, making them perfect for high-footfall areas. Being a notable area rug manufacturer in Oman, we ensure that each silky strand of a quality Persian rug is knotted by highly skilled weavers and designers who want to give you a lasting piece of art that you can treasure for years to come. Not just that, the rugs is also naturally fire-resistant, making them perfect for high-traffic areas.