Some Interesting Things To Know About Machine Made / Broadloom Carpets!

Confused if you should buy broadloom carpets or not? Don’t you know what to look for when searching for the best machine made / broadloom carpet manufacturers and suppliers? If so is your concern, this article addresses the exact query here.

The time you enter the carpet market, machine made and handmade – two types of carpets appear as your solution from the sellers. Now, comes the question why people go for broadloom or machine made carpets when handmade carpets are known as the most luxurious and best flooring solutions. Well, the answer is simple – cost effective, less maintenance, wide variety and long lasting. So, without wasting more time discussing irrelevant stuff, let’s dive into the information relating broadloom carpets and what you should ask when visiting machine made / broadloom carpet manufacturers and suppliers.

 Exploring Broadloom/Machine Made Carpets –

Before we claim that broadloom carpets are a great solution for flooring, we need to explain what exactly these carpets are.

Broadloom carpets have got this name because they are main woven over the wide loom. At present, these carpets are made and exported in a large sized rolls having a standard size. These are basically wall to wall rugs and carpets. These carpets come in a range of patterns, frieze, texture and loop. Following described all the styles of broadloom carpets that you will be presented from the machine made / broadloom carpet manufacturers and suppliers in India and knowledge of these styles will help you picking the best for your need.

Explaining Loop In Broadloom carpets –

It means carpets having fibers with short loops designed over its backside with uncut fibers. For areas with high traffic volume like hotels, restaurants and hospitals, loop based broadloom carpets are the best selection as they are durable, easy to maintain and very powerful in hiding dirt and footprints.

Pattern In Broadloom carpets – They often have loop and cut style that implies the blend of few uncut fibers and few tufted fibers. With this combination, pattern broadloom creates unique patterns to make exclusive designs. At the time of installation, it is mandatory to match the patterns of these carpets from seaming.

Broadloom Carpet Texture – The selection of machine made or broadloom carpets can also be made by their texture. Usually, every broadloom pile comes with a certain texture. For example, Berber carpets usually have short and less smooth texture and immensely soft touch. On the contrary, Saxony carpets have great softness and smoothness in texture.

Usually, the carpet having cut style features great softness and smooth texture with loop style. But, texture also belongs to carpet cleaning because a plush and smooth carpet is harder to clean as compared to loop style broadloom carpet. The reason for the same is the shorter size of fibers’ less capability on holding dirt.

Frieze Carpets & their twisted fibers – the durability of broadloom carpets also depends on twists per inch. Frieze is having the twisted style and hence are highly soft and durable as well.