Hand Tufted Carpets – Indian Carpet Industry Ruling The Hearts of Buyers!

When you make your mind to spend a good amount on buying high quality carpets for your dream home, you must buy hand tufted carpets. Known for the best quality, these carpets boast of aesthetic beauty with remarkable functionality which encourage buyers to spend money on buying them.

Usually, come with a hefty price-tag, hand tufted carpets perfectly justify with its expensiveness. The feel, the softness and the appeal, these carpets flaunt is actually impossible to have from any other kind of carpet. The reason for their expensiveness is its handmade construction which often takes several weeks to complete for a weaver. After investing a lot of time, labour and utilize artisan, a mesmerising carpet gets ready for sale and hence, buyers do not mind investing a good price on these precious handmade carpets.

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In case, you are an absolute new to carpet buying, here are few things to take into account while shopping for hand tufted carpets from any hand tufted rugs carpets manufacturer exporter India.

Where to pay attention when shopping from a hand tufted rugs carpets manufacturer exporter India –

The hand tufted carpets are usually more expensive than a machine-made carpet. These carpets are meticulously made by the skilled hands of an artisan and speak for the quality of its fabric and soft feel. Though in terms of value, these carpets are less expensive than hand knotted carpets, but are one of the handmade carpet types.

Hand tufted carpets are not manufactured on the loom, but are made by using the tufting gun. Using this tufting gun, the weaver can easily carve beautiful patterns to create a fresh piece of carpet. At present, buyers can find alluring design, colourful choices in hand tufted carpets by choosing a renowned hand tufted rugs carpets manufacturer exporter India like Genie carpet manufacturers.

Creation of Designs in Hand Tufted Carpets –

To manufacture attractive hand tufted carpets, the artisan places the yarn or wool strands on the weaving frame and then, start punching those strands with the help of tufting gun. It is a time taking process, but not that difficult as that of hand-knotted carpet creation.

This process of designing starts after the creation backing and includes the injection of cotton or yarn in the backing with the help of tufting gun. After injecting all material, the scrim is place over carpet using latex glue which keeps the fiber intact. After that, the artisan shears the loops of carpet and makes the rug flat to make it good enough to handle foot traffic.