Great Tips To Find Great Carpets In India!

As the carpet industry in India is jammed with thousands of carpet exporters and manufacturers, it becomes very difficult to choose the right product. In the process of buying carpets, buyers should not merely consider ensuring quality of fabric, but sustainability and other factors also. This article is all about great tips to find great carpets in India and choosing the best carpet exporter in India for the fulfillment of your carpet purchase.

Factors Influencing Carpet Cost, Functionality & Look –

The time one starts looking for carpet in India, he/she comes up in contact with hundreds of carpet exporters and manufacturers. At that time, you own knowledge will make a great difference in your selection of right carpet for you. Primarily, following factors affect the cost, functionality and appearance of the carpets.

  • Fiber – It is the most important element of carpets as the fiber type determines the look, performance and cost of carpets. Usually, fibers are categorized in two types amely chemical fibers like polyester, nylon and olefin and natural fibers like wool. Numerous carpets contain the mixture of fibers and hence, each fiber type has to be measured as per the performance and expectations.

Following mentioned different fibers’ features and their performances –

Nylon –

  • Comes up with rich colours and numerous possibilities of models.
  • Highly durable and wear resistant
  • Perfect for high traffic places
  • Usually preferred for high stain resistance

Polyester –

  • Luxurious and very soft
  • Stain resistant solvable with water
  • Comes in great colour fastness and rich colours

Olefin –

  • Powerful fibers featuring wear resistance quality
  • Great fiber for carpet manufacturing
  • Resistant to fading and mildew
  • Inherent stain resistance
  • Static electricity resistant

Natural Fiber – Wool –

  • Soft feel and fully natural
  • Gives luxurious feel and appearance
  • Very pricey as compared to chemical fibers
  • Very durable, appealing and resilent
  • Fits perfect in areas with low traffic

 Manufacturing process – In carpet manufacturing, mostly 3 factors put a straight impact on its durability. Therefore, the manufacture has to maintain balance in all three factors as by doing so, he can retain the actual look of the carpet. Following mention 3 factors of manufacturing process –

  • Fiber Type – Checking the resilience and strength
  • Twisting of yarn – the volume of hair wound per inch ensures how the carpet would withstand the damage or maintain its shape.
  • Density of hair – The carpet hair count and proximity of tufts ensure carpet density.

Carpet Texture – The carpet texture is the carpet surface. The way carpet is being manufactured, its tufts and twists and hair density would ensure the smoothness or roughness of carpets. The carpet surface greatly influence the overall look and feel of the carpets and hence the best carpet exporters in India ensure to follow all these stages and create brilliant products to make their customers happy.

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