Give a warm and comfortable touch to your Home through Shaggy Carpets

When creating your dream carpet, there are four key steps to consider. Choosing the perfect color and design is, of course, crucial, as is deciding between wool and textile materials. But once you’ve selected a material and color palette, how do you create your own unique rug? The process behind our shaggy carpets begins with accepting individual orders from clients worldwide. Whether it’s creating a carpet to match any existing or past interior design or having your carpet specially made to fit any desired shape or size requirement–Genie Carpet Manufacturers has a skilled team of experts who can handle both large orders and one-off custom requests.

Shaggy carpeting is the thick pile type carpet consisting of two different fabrics. It is created by cutting the fiber of one rug into various sizes or chopping it into small pieces. The result is a thickness to the pile that will give you a softer walking surface, and it can hide flaws, dirt, and wear in your home or office flooring because the fibers are thicker than with other carpets. Shaggy carpets are made using loop-pile patterns, which come in many styles and colors, so you will be able to find one that fits your needs. We are generally made from cut-pile yarn, and they have a looped construction.

Shaggy carpets provide a luxurious look and feel to any home while adding warmth and depth to any room. Many people believe that all shag carpets are equal, but we think differently. Genie Carpet Manufacturers is a leading Shaggy Carpet Manufacturer India that has created a process for creating the highest quality shag carpets in the industry. We begin with carefully selecting the highest quality sheepskins, carefully aged for just the right amount of crimp. Next, we use only the finest virgin wool from India and weave it into delicate patterns with random cut lengths of 0.8″ to 1.3″. And finally, we use special antistatic processing so that your carpet will not shed as you vacuum or walk on it, plus our fine material resists crushing and matting for a longer-lasting texture.

Shaggy Carpet is a composition of multi-dimensionally formed yarn woven into tight and dense loops resembling mini plush pillows that hold in warmth. At the same time, the color and pattern create an atmosphere of coziness from ceiling to floor. Its character adds another dimension, giving more character to your space and a touch of whimsy to your décor. Is your home missing a touch of that cozy feeling? Then call Shaggy Carpet manufacturer India for the most stylish and warm-feeling carpets you could ever want for your home. From our fast and friendly customer service to in-stock floors that can be delivered directly to your door, purchasing your new carpet from Genie Carpet Manufacturers will be a pleasurable experience.

 There are many styles of shaggy carpets that have captured the attention of flooring connoisseurs. Due to their unique texture, shaggy carpets are ideal for any room in your home. From kids’ rooms to living rooms and even dining rooms, there is no better choice as a carpet than a shaggy carpet. We are a renowned Shaggy carpet manufacturer India for both residential and commercial environments. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and innovative production techniques, we continue to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers with every roll. 

Our core values are essential to the ongoing success of our service.

Our products feature various colors, prints, styles, and designs with improved strength and durability. Genie Carpet Manufacturers offers creative flooring solutions that provide you with a contemporary design that emphasizes style and aesthetics in your living space. Our process gives the wool fibers a fluffy, cotton-like appearance, and then attached to fabrics of various textures and colors. The look, feel, and density of these carpets can be manipulated according to the customer’s needs.