Find Out What Makes Jute Rugs So Appealing To Home Makers!

In natural rugs, a variety of natural fibers are there which rugs manufacturers India use. In all other natural fiber rugs, Jute rugs enjoy a great popularity for high quality and great usage. Besides Jute, Sea Grass, Hemp, Bamboo and Sisal are few famous variety of natural fibers that are used in manufacturing of rugs. Though rugs made of Jute are loved by people in india as it perfectly fit in traditional as well as contemporary home settings. To buy high quality jute rugs, you can consult Genie Carpet Manufacturers which is a renowned jute rugs manufacturer India.

Exploring Jute Rugs & Its Quality –

An entirely natural fiber, jute stems from a plant namely Corchorus. For home décor, people from all across the globe use jute in many ways. In the market, you can easily find upholstery to rugs made of this fiber in varied designs. Jute is also known as golden fiber due to its absolutely silky feel and India is the prime supplier and creator of Jute.

The brown hues of jute makes this fiber truly enchanting and perfect for rigid use because it can easily mask spots and stains. Jute rugs are easy to clean, vacuum using water and mild soap. Besides, it is highly economical and environment friendly for being biodegradable and recyclable.

To buy a quality jute fiber rug, always shop from a renowned jute rugs manufacturer India like Genie Carpet Manufacturer. Now, let’s share some secrets to use jute rugs in the best way to give your home décor a modern and appealing look.

How to enhance your home décor using Jute Rugs –

  • Place jute rugs in high-traffic spaces in your home – For areas like living room or drawing room which are extensively used by all family members, you must place a jute rug because of its high durability feature. A jute rug can easily withstand all types of wear and tear. Though jute rugs are not good at absorbing odour and that is where you need to act carefully. Do not let any smelly stuff fall on it because the odour will spread everywhere in the room. In addition, keep rugs in the sun occasionally to make them smell-free. Also, we recommend you to not to use jute rugs in damp environments. By considering these recommendations, you can enhance the usage of jute rugs in a high-traffic spaces in your home.
  • Layering the rugs away – As these rugs likely to have a coastal aesthetics, they exhibit more of its casual feel. However, they still have a versatility to enhance every décor style and add a traditional or modern appeal. A great way to use jute rugs tastefully in a place is by adding another layer of other rug.

Rugs layering looks amazing specifically for areas having large seating capacity, or in an entryway having an emptiness of character, and also to a bedside to have a cozier feel. Moreover, it also acts as a base of floating furniture at spaces having open-concept.

All and all, interior designers find a great confidence in choosing jute rugs for their various home décor projects.