Assessing The Worth Of Handmade Rugs To Find The Best For Your Home!

Handmade rugs reign the carpeting world since ages. There are abundant of reasons that make handmade rugs superior over its counterparts. Great feel, superior fibre, the matchless craftsmanship, remarkable inspiration are factors that are commonly found in handmade rugs. But, the commercialization of carpeting sector has given a rise to several handmade rugs manufacturers in the market.

This high numbers of carpet sellers has made it confusing for buyers to choose the authentic rugs for them. So, if you think to buy quality handmade rugs without conducting much research on the way to assess the quality and value of handmade rugs, you may end up having sheer disappointment from your purchase.

To help you buying the best handmade rugs and carpets, Genie Carpet Manufacturers present the valuable insights on assessing the right handmade rugs and its value to buyers. In addition, if you want to place an order for the best handmade rugs instantly, you can browse our collection of handmade rugs right away. For featuring matchless quality of handmade rugs, we have become the best handmade rugs manufacturer India at present.

So, let’s check out how you can assess the value of handmade rugs during your shopping.

Determining factors when assessing handmade rugs value –

When you are up for buying high quality handmade rugs, you first need to understand how to differentiate these rugs from machine made rugs and carpets. There are several sellers in the market who would sell machine made carpets by claiming them as handmade rugs. Therefore, you must know the factors to differentiate machine made rugs from handmade rugs. ;

After that, you should pay attention to discover if the offered rug is actual oriental rug or not. Last but not the least, check if it is worth repairing, cleaning or reselling or not. These questions are must to be asked to the selected handmade rugs manufacturer India. From a reputed handmade rugs exporter India, you will find all answers of these concerns and thus increases your chances to find the best products for your needs.

Determining Real Value of rugs –

To determine the real value of handmade rugs, you should closely evaluate the material used to create that. For example, a handmade rug made of wool will be highly valuable and expensive, whereas rugs made of cotton or other material will not be as valuable as the former one.

The value of handmade rugs also depends on the craftsmanship, expertize of artisans, and rug type. As handmade rugs are made exclusively by hands of expert artisans, the perfection in weaving can easily be seen. The authentic feel of rugs would tell how valuable they are and hence, you must consider this factor while assessing the chosen handmade rugs’ worth.

Handmade rugs are known as a luxury home décor and furnishing product and hence, they always come with hefty price tag. Though the valuable aspects of these rugs are enough to convince buyers to invest money in them and have a luxury feel at their home.