Why should you invest in Hospitality carpets for your Commercial Projects?

What defines hospitality? It is quality, it is attention to detail, and it is timeless. These are the principles that we uphold to create our hospitality carpets. The benefits of having these carpets in your commercial establishments qualify them as an investment that matches your business’ values. Genie Carpet Manufacturers has gained popularity as one of the leading names for hospitality carpet manufacturers. We provide a large selection of carpets to choose from, all with different designs, colors, textures, and fibers. When people come to your establishment, they want to see a clean, tidy environment. It creates the right impression to attract business and encourage repeat customers. Hospitality carpets are designed for easy cleaning and bacterial resistance in high-traffic areas. 

Hospitality carpets are designed and manufactured to the highest possible quality, suitable for use in a wide variety of institutions, including student residences, hotels, care homes, and hostels. Hospitality carpets were originally designed for hotels and conference centers. They are designed specifically to handle the abuse they get from the heavy foot traffic. Hospitality carpets are stain and soil-resistant, making them ideal for high-traffic restrooms.

The hospitality carpet is made of all the latest advances in technology. The tight loops and dense weave make it very hard-wearing and perfect for outdoor use such as restaurants. These are made to last, with a minimum life expectancy of 25 years, and are tough enough to handle heavy traffic demands. Hospitality carpets are ideal for commercial venues where they can be easily cleaned using low-level cleaning chemicals, which make them a greener option than other types of carpeting. Hospitality carpets are made from 100% wool, with various pile weights and yarns available. Hospitality carpets come in all sizes, from 3’x5′ to 10’x10′. They are a great choice for hotel lobbies, hotel rooms, and offices with constant traffic and light wear.

Hospitality carpets are used in hotels and motels as floor coverings to make guests feel right at home. The primary role of a carpet is to provide comfort for the user and a degree of warmth, along with making a hotel or motel look professionally maintained to potential guests. A vibrant color scheme may give a feeling of luxury or opulence or make an area appear more welcoming and homely. Our hospitality carpet uses the latest in fiber technology and the most advanced carpet construction to create a unique and extremely durable floor covering that is aesthetically pleasing. 

Hospitality Carpet Manufacturers like Genie Carpet Manufacturers offer countless high-quality patterns of hospitality area rugs that you can use to spruce up your restaurant, hotel, or airport terminal. Our carpets are ideal for various rooms, including waiting areas and conference rooms, because they are durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic. They are also easy to maintain and stylish so that your guests will be impressed by your sense of style! We have matching runner rugs, and custom sizes available as well. We are proud to offer the Hospitality Carpet Collection, featuring a fully hand-loomed, low pile carpet designed specifically to reflect the look and feel of a truly luxurious carpet. Our carpets are 100% wool, fully hand woven (not tufted or bonded) and have a durable backing that can be easily pressed into place.

The latest trends in hospitality carpeting are to make a truly unique impression on the guest by offering trendy, fresh and comfortable spaces with natural materials (cork, stone, recycled materials) and by working on the structure of the space itself to ensure a more open concept. Carpets are placed on secondary structures adding infrastructure to enhance the comfort and warmth of the space while at the same time creating the sometimes unexpected design. With a long and rich history, the tradition of carpet for hospitality rooms continues with the latest news in flooring. These products are perfect for new or existing construction or to refresh and update existing carpets of any kind.

Celebrate the beauty of nature with a unique and highly decorative collection of commercial rugs. Choose from a range of fashionable designs, including contemporary soil-resistant luxury vinyl collections or wool and silk styles that are ideal for your high-traffic venue. Each rug is built to last in sizes and designs to suit every venue. Genie Carpet Manufacturers offers the most elegant carpet designs that uplift and transform any room of your business or home. Make a bold statement with these classic rugs in your lobby or reception area. Or, go for a truly refined look with our luxury area rugs for the boardroom.