Carpets and Rugs add a new Spirit to your Home Decor

Modern life has become stressful, and we need comfort, relaxation, and peace of mind when we return home. When it comes to interior design or decoration, flooring is not deniable elements. Carpets and rugs can lift your mood and change the entire picture of your home look. Genie Carpet Manufacturers do not need any identification; they are one of the top leaders as carpet exporters in India who brings trend in the carpet industry. Carpets are not limited to covering your floor; these add the right touch of warmth under your feet and revive your home interior.

Carpet exporters in India like Genie Carpet Manufacturers manufacture and craft from traditional to transitional and modern rugs and carpets that are a perfect instance of Indian craftsmanship. Have you decided to add warmth and luxury to your home? But, don’t know where to start? We offer budget-friendly hand-tufted and machine-crafted carpets that can easily match your existing home furniture and walls. You can opt for these beautiful coverings for your living rooms, bedrooms, dens, and workspaces.

As one of the top carpet exporters in India, we have become a hub for the manufacturing of carpets activities and the heart of our design aesthetics. Our skilled and experienced weavers create new carpets, keeping in mind the ever-changing trends in the interior, fashion, and decor. Whether looking for residential or commercial projects, we offer a wide variety of modern, abstract, floral, and geometric rugs that can be a perfect ornament of your space. There is a myth that carpets are made for luxury and are far from economic people’s reach. But, it is not correct. Carpet exporters and manufacturers in India brought a revolution in the carpeting industry.

Choosing the right hand-made or machine-made rug for your home depends on your preference. But before you make your decision, remember that there are many benefits to choosing hand-made. From their history to their uniqueness and durability, there’s a lot to consider when selecting a rug for your home. Undoubtedly, hand-made jute rugs or carpets cost may be out of your reach because it may take a significant amount of time and require more labor to get in shape as an end product.

Hand-made rugs and carpets result from generations of expertise where soft silk and wool yarns are used to make a unique floor décor. These beautiful rugs are made by hand on traditional wooden weaving looms and are embedded with Indian culture and tradition. The number of knots per square meter decides the price of these hand-made rugs, which is determined by the time taken to create them. Hand-made rugs from India tend to be better than machine-made ones in several ways as these are luxuriously soft, extremely durable, have better density, and are made using high-quality materials. Still, the slower process promises a more considered approach with every thread, resulting in better-made and higher-quality carpets that are more durable. Hand-made rugs are better than machine-made ones because they’re more durable, made with natural materials, and usually uniquely designed. The weaving technique used in hand-made rugs is much more intricate than in machine-made rugs. Besides the fact that a rug is hand-woven and looks great, it also makes a better investment for your home.