Showcase the Best Part of your House with Machine-made Carpets and Rugs

When it comes to affordable and exquisite floor decors, machine-made carpets and rugs deliver the same functionality and look as you feel in handcrafted products. These beautiful carpets are manufactured by Genie using power looms. These are cost-effective in price and provide long years of functionality with less maintenance.

Genie is a pioneer machine-made carpet manufacturer in India, with a specialization in crafting beautiful machine-made carpets in the industry. Our unique designs and patterns make us a distinct market player in the competitive market. As a reputed carpet manufacturer and supplier, we ensure that every piece of floor covering is specially designed with extra care and easily fits your unique requirements.

Top-of-the Class Machine Made Carpet Manufacturer in India

Whether you want to make the latest style statement for your abode or totally transform the look and feel of your home interior, machine-made floor covering elements are cost-effective options that can easily fit your unique specifications and budgets. Genie machine-crafted carpets are available in a wide array of colours, patterns, and finishes. If you want to give a positive vibe to your home or elevate the look of your rooms, we have carpets and rugs that perfectly match your furniture and walls.

How does Genie produce machine-made carpets and Rug?

Instead of crafting by hand, these machine-made carpets are specially designed and manufactured using state-of-the-art machines. These machines can produce beautiful and high-quality carpets in mass with the same length and pattern or design in a short period. Patrons who want floor coverings for high-traffic areas and stay against daily wear and tear can shop for machine-crafted carpets from Genie machine made carpet manufacturer India.

Bring Life to Your Home Decor

When it comes to dominating home decor, carpets and rugs have been ahead for centuries to brighten the look of any dull space. Covering your floors using premium-quality carpets gives our eyes a calming and soothing experience. Whether you recently finished your renovation project or love to change your home interior every year, floor-adorning elements like carpets and rugs should exist on your hit list.

Ideal for Those Homes where Kids and Pets Stay

Pets may litter, kids urinate on the carpets, and family members can spill the wine; machine-made carpets seem like a convenient choice in such scenarios. These carpets are washable in machine machines and require less maintenance. Being a machine-made carpet manufacturer in India, we ensure our floor covering elements are specially manufactured to last for decades and last up to 20 years before needing to be replaced. You can extend the life of your carpets with proper cleaning and maintenance.

Material Use by Genie Machine Made Carpet Manufacturer India

Reputed machine-made carpet manufacturers in the country construct elegant carpets from natural fabrics such as wool or silk. Genie Carpet Manufacturers also use synthetic materials, such as polypropylene, nylon, polyester, and acrylic, to cater to customers’ budget-friendly needs. However, you should not be confused about them. Get in touch with Genie Carpet professionals, who will guide you in enhancing your knowledge about materials, roles, functionality, and benefits.

Purchase Online Machine-made Rugs and Carpets from Reputed Manufacturers and Supplier

Gone are the days when you were obliged to satisfy with limited stocks in your local market. In the world of the online market, Genie, a machine-made carpet manufacturer in India, provides you with a plethora of carpets under one roof in a wide range of designs, styles, colours, textures, sizes and materials. Our every piece of floor covering makes the latest trend and easily suits your personality and personal preferences.

Opt for Machine-made Carpets without Breaking the Bank

Machine-made carpets are the new rage in the carpeting industry, and they have gained popularity as the perfect alternative to handcrafted floor coverings. These are produced in mass, are cheaper, and are ideal for covering any space. Get timeless elegance and give your home space a unique luxury touch with our best-in-class carpets under one roof.